40 ideas for using chatbots

Chat bot

Don’t know how chat robots can be used? Here are some usage options.

1. Recruitment sites. If you have too few recruiters and a large workload, robots can do preliminary interviews with candidates.

– automatic collection of CVs;
– various tests for candidates;
– collecting information on salary, professional expectations, etc.
– collecting feedback after the consulting, teambuilding, training, coaching processes etc.

2. Online shops

– provide visitors with additional details about the product they are looking for;
– offer discounts or other benefits for purchases made on your site.

3. Booking websites

– provide visitors with details about reservations;
– offer discounts or other benefits for bookings made at certain times of the week or year;
– provide information about tourist attractions in the area;
– recommend local products or souvenirs.

4. Restaurants

– make reservations online;
– recommend the menu of the day;
– recommend products specific to your restaurant;
– provide details about delivery to the customer’s home.

5. Financial services & insurance sites

– provide information about the services and products offered;
– recommend certain services or products;
– schedule a meeting with the potential client.

6. Health websites

– make a brief diagnosis of potential patients;
– offer the possibility of online scheduling for consultations;
– depending on your condition, recommend certain doctors or medical clinics;
– recommend viewing certain videos with patient tips.

8. Car websites

– find out the client’s wishes, related to the car he wants or the services in the automotive field he needs;
– find out the budget that the customer is willing to allocate to the purchase of a car;
– schedule a meeting with the potential client;
– request contact details in order to send dedicated promotions.

9. Real estate websites

– find out if the site visitor is interested in selling, buying or if he wants general information about the real estate field;
– find out details related to the type of property (apartment, house, land, commercial spaces, etc.)
– find out the budget that the potential buyer is willing to allocate to the purchase of a property;
– get the contact details of the potential customer.

10- 40. General service websites

Do you have a site in the field of services such as:
– cleaning;
– sanitation;
– rodent control;
– car transport & towing;
– constructions;
– landscaping;
– design & interior design;
– copywriting & advertising;
– tailoring;
– kindergartens & after school;
– custom furniture;
– car & motorcycle service, car cosmetics, car tuning, ITP;
– plumbing;
– electrical installations;
– electronic and household repairs;
– installation of double glazed windows and doors;
– organizing events;
– photo & video services;
– flowers and floral arrangements with home delivery;
– dance lessons;
– fitness, sports activities, rental of gyms and sports fields;
– makeup & cosmetics, hairdresser & hairdresser;
– SPA salons, tanning salons;
– architectural services & cadastre;
– pet services, animal hotel, animal training, animal adoptions;
– veterinary services;
– tourism services;
– legalized translations;
– notarial and legal services;
– audit services, business consulting;
– security and protection services, etc.
Consider using live chat robots. Some of the site visitors could become your customers. Don’t waste this opportunity.
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