5 strategies for successful Google Ads campaigns

5 strategies for successful Google Ads campaigns in 2023

In recent years, Google has undergone significant updates and changes, particularly affecting Google Ads campaigns. Surprisingly, it is not newcomers who have struggled the most with these changes, but experienced Google Ads managers. The reason behind this lies in the transformation of Google Ads’ functionality, rendering outdated strategies ineffective.

To achieve success in Google Ads in 2023, it is crucial to embrace the increased automation and AI technology that Google is rapidly integrating into its campaign types. In this article, we will explore the key changes and strategies required to optimize Google Ads campaigns effectively and drive remarkable results.


Embracing the Evolving Landscape of Google Ads:

  • Shift in Keyword Targeting: Previously, Google Ads employed three core match types: broad, phrase, and exact match. However, Google’s recent updates have transformed the targeting approach from keywords to user intent. This change broadens the scope of keyword themes and necessitates a shift in campaign structure and optimization strategies. The AI technology behind Google Ads now considers the user’s search history and intent, leading to more diverse ad placements. To adapt, Google Ads managers must revise their keyword strategies to align with this new approach.
  • The Role of AI in Ad Copy: Google has introduced an innovative feature called Automatically Created Ads (ACAs) that employs generative AI to enhance ad relevance. ACAs leverage content from landing pages and existing ads to create headlines and descriptions tailored to match user queries. By utilizing AI-generated ad copy, Google Ads managers can align their ads more closely with user intent, improving ad performance and maintaining brand consistency.


Optimizing Google Ads for Success in 2023:

  • Consolidating Ad Groups with Broader Keyword Themes: In the new Google Ads landscape, it is recommended to reduce the number of ad groups and focus on broader keyword themes. Rather than having multiple ad groups targeting similar keywords, consolidating them into a single ad group can help avoid keyword overlap and streamline optimization efforts. By grouping related keywords within one ad group, you can direct users to consistent ad messaging and landing pages, improving relevance and performance.
  • Transitioning from Shopping Campaigns to Performance Max: For e-commerce businesses, transitioning from traditional Shopping campaigns to Performance Max can unlock better results. Performance Max campaigns include a discovery element that allows Google to bid more aggressively, targeting users who have already shown interest. Over time, as Performance Max accumulates more conversion data, its ability to highly target users improves. However, it is important to approach this transition strategically and gradually, allowing for data-driven optimizations and minimizing potential disruptions.



In the ever-evolving world of Google Ads, adapting to changes and leveraging automation and AI technologies is essential for achieving success in 2023. By embracing the new targeting approach based on user intent and utilizing AI-generated ad copy, Google Ads managers can optimize their campaigns for better performance. Moreover, streamlining ad groups with broader keyword themes and transitioning to Performance Max campaigns for e-commerce businesses can further enhance results. With a proactive mindset and an understanding of the evolving landscape, Google Ads managers can stay ahead of the competition and drive remarkable outcomes for their businesses or clients.

Remember, success in Google Ads requires continuous learning and staying updated with the latest developments. By keeping pace with Google’s advancements and implementing effective strategies, you can unlock the full potential of Google Ads and achieve outstanding results in 2023 and beyond.

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