Post from ANY WEBSITE to YOUR WEBSITE automatically. Through an automated and programmable process, you can retrieve any type of information from any type of website. The module includes predefined settings for a variety of websites to make information retrieval easier.


Your website can operate autonomously based on the criteria you specify. It will automatically take content from other websites and publish it on your website on a regular basis.

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Autoblogging plugins are modules that take information from other websites and publish it on your own website. The plugin scrapes content from other websites and publishes it on your site at a predetermined time, using the keywords and sources you specify.

Examples of WEBSITES from where you can download information automatically.

Preluare articol de pe RSS


Automatic posting from RSS feeds. You can add any RSS feed to retrieve posts from any website. It can import the complete content, author, tags, categories and can set the displayed image.

Postare automata pe site web


Automatic posting from any web page. The module will monitor the page and take any update.

Postare automata pe


Automatic posting from Facebook page, personal profiles, open or closed groups. Monitor and import any new posts. Extensive information filtering options.

Preluare video de pe Youtube


Automatically post YouTube videos by keywords, username, or specific playlist.

Postare automata pe


Automatically post from Instagram for keywords, hashtags, or a specific profile. Can import comments and tags. Can import popular posts or recent articles.

Preluare video de pe TikTok


Automatically post videos from TikTok via hashtag or from a specific user set by video hashtags.

Postare automata pe

Automatically post from Pinterest after a keyword or profile.

Postare automata pe


Automatically post from any Reddit URL so that you can import from specific user reddits or subreddits. Import comments, videos and GIFs.

Postare automata pe

Automatically post from Twitter for keywords, hashtags, or a specific profile.


How can you use this module?
1. You can make a news website:
– establish the websites from which you will take the information;
– establish the frequency with which you will take over the information;
– determine how the downloaded content will be published on your website.
2. You can make a blog with information from a certain field.
3. You can take information for informational purposes such as:
– new products from competing websites;
– product prices;
– new articles from competing websites.
From which websites can you download the content?
You can download it from practically any website. The module uses classic web scrapping techniques.
For ease of use, the module has predefined settings for retrieving information from: websites with RSS, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, TikTok, Daily Motion, SoundCloud, eBay, Walmart, Click Bank, Envato, Craigslist, Career Jet, iTunes, Ezine Articles.
What are the most useful module settings?
The module allows a large number of settings for downloading and publishing content from other websites:
– the frequency of downloads can be set in minutes, hours, days;
– the maximum number of downloads from a website;
– download from single page or multiple page pages;
– exclusion of taking information without content or without images;
– immediate publication or in a certain time interval;
– publishing additional text to the downloaded content;
– publishing content in previously set categories;
– retrieval and publication of content according to certain words found in the original text;
– translation of the downloaded content;
– automatic rewriting (modification) of the downloaded content;
– replacement of words in the content taken over;
– publishing a maximum number of characters from the downloaded content;
– etc.

We install the module for automatic information retrieval from websites on your website. For more information, please contact us.