Automatic data collection from the internet websites

Colectare date de pe Internet

The internet is a sea of valuable information.

We all use the information on the net, in the personal or company interest. But sometimes we waste a lot of time and resources copying and centralizing them. The information on the net that interests you can be collected automatically.

Data collection applications can visit the desired sites at scheduled intervals and can retrieve the information you need.

web scraping
1. Collect product prices and product features from competitor sites.
2. Get databases with all the products sold online on competitors’ sites.
3. Get databases by collecting information that interests you such as data about companies, people, services, events, jobs, etc.
4. Get articles published on specific sites in a particular area of interest in a centralized way.
5. Regularly take indicators from specialized sites (exchange rate, real estate index, pollution indicators, etc.) that you automatically publish on your site.
6. Collect reviews for specific products, then analyze product performance or consumer habits and reactions.

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