Automatic posting on social media accounts

Postare automata pe social media

The importance of promotion on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, etc., is obvious.

Those who took this kind of promotion seriously understood how time and resource consuming this operation is. Articles, products, services or promotions should be posted regularly on multiple social media accounts, and this is time consuming and resource consuming.
The good news is that all these operations can be done automatically and in this way they make our lives easier and significantly reduce our costs.


In short, what does social media automation mean to you?
We will install an application on your site with which you can easily and easily do the following:
  • add social network accounts: Facebook page, Facebook group, Linkedin account, Linkedin business account, Twitter account, Pinterest account, Google business account, etc.
  • schedule the publication on these accounts of articles, announcements, products, services, etc. from the site.
  • programming allows you to choose the publication data, the cadence, the messages that accompany the publication, etc.
  • you will have at your disposal a screen with the publication statistics as well as the interaction of the people with the materials published by you (clicks, comments, etc.)

It’s simple, easy, fast and you’ll be able to plan all your posts for long periods of time.

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