Factors influencing the price of a website

When we talk about creating a website, the most important things for the client are the price of the website and the deadline. The quality of the service offered is also important, but most of the time clients do not know how to estimate the quality of a web design company’s services.


of the price of a website is given by the number of hours worked by those involved in the creation of the website (web designers, programmers, graphic designers, content writers, online promotion specialists, etc.). 

What factors influence the price of a website?

Why do web design companies offer such different prices for seemingly the same services?


1. The hourly cost of people working on building a website

In the case of medium and large web design companies, several people work together to build a website, each specialising in a particular area. For this reason, the following categories of professionals may be involved in building a website:

  • designers;
  • graphic designers;
  • photographers;
  • programmers;
  • UI (user interface) specialists;
  • UX (user experience) specialists – how people navigate a website;
  • specialists in content writing (the texts on the website);
  • digital marketing specialists (and there are many subcategories here);
  • SEO specialists;
  • etc.

In the case of small companies or freelancers, a website can be built from scratch by a single person, who collaborates when necessary with specialists from outside the company.

85% of the price of a website is determined by the “hourly rate” of the people who contribute to its creation.

It is obvious that those who are creative and experienced will charge a higher hourly rate.

When you want the lowest possible hourly rate, you might want to take advantage of the services of someone who:

  • does not properly understand the requirements of the project;
  • does not understand the client’s needs;
  • is unable to advise the client so that they can make the right decisions;
  • is not able to write a complete tender;
  • is unable to develop the project in the long term;
  • cannot offer maintenance and administration services;
  • cannot guarantee that the site will function within the required parameters;
  • has a low creative level;
  • does not have a good command of the field in which it operates;
  • has little experience;
  • chooses wrong or inefficient technical solutions;
  • does not respect agreements made;
  • fails to meet deadlines;
  • has few orders and has to work at a low rate;
  • lives in low-wage geographical areas (India, Pakistan, etc.);
  • provides excellent service and is not interested in the financial side (this is not a joke, there are such people).

Ok and what do you do if you can’t afford to pay a higher price for your website?

You buy a cheap one, because “it’s not the end of the world”. Even a lesser website will help you understand the online field and experiment. With the experience you gain, you’ll know how to make your next website or how to redesign your old one.


2. Type of website

Do you want a custom website or a template-based website?
The module-built one uses platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Shopify etc., and is cheaper and takes less time to build.
The custom one will be more expensive (both site creation and further development) and takes longer to build.


3. Website design

A unique, well thought-out design that takes into account visitor behaviour, with lots of images, graphics, animation etc. will cost more than a very simple design.


4. Complexity of the site, components and materials used

Building a complex website takes longer, uses additional software modules and special technical skills.
Most websites have a modular construction. Some of these modules should be bought with a licence.
Licences for modules, images, clips, text and other materials used to build a website are a cost that will significantly influence the price of a website.

5. Website content

If the text (website content) is written by you, the costs are minimal.
If you want the information on the site to be written by professionals then you will have to pay extra.
There is a big difference between content written by specialists, which is engaging and delights the reader and dull content written by amateurs.


6. Administrative costs

These are the administrative costs that every web design service provider incurs. Probably large firms will have higher costs, small firms and freelancers …. lower costs, and hobby website builders even lower costs.


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