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birou notarial
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Website for notary services. Notary office presentation website.
Visitors can find the following information on the website:
– a description of a notarial professional company;
– a description of services offered;
– a description of documents and procedures used in the notary office;
– the location of the notary office;
– customer testimonials;
– blog articles.


Website security plugin:
- Protects the website against attacks;
- Scan the website for malware;
- Blocks unauthorized authentication;
- Provides reports on website attacks;
- Sends alerts for unauthorized authentication attempts.

Google Maps Plugin: The plugin enables Google Maps to be displayed on the website's pages..
Google Analytics plugin: The module connects to your Google Analytics account and provides statistics about website traffic.
Yandex Metrica plugin: The plugin provides statistics on website traffic.

SEO Plugin:
From an SEO standpoint, the module enables the entire website to be optimized.
The module includes:
- unlimited keyword and phrase optimization;
- integration with Google Search Console;
- integration with Google Analytics;
- you can track your keyword rankings in Google;
- and more.

Reviews plugin: Customers' reviews, opinions, and testimonials are displayed by the plugin. Google reviews, Facebook reviews, and other types of reviews can be imported and displayed by the module.
Backup plugin: The plugin saves the database on a regular basis. The plugin enables you to back up your entire website. The website can be rebuilt from the ground up if there are major operating problems or a virus infection.