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It is time for a major change in education, consulting and training. The online trend in these areas is obvious and will probably be absolutely necessary soon.
Make a website for online courses. We offer you the Master Study model.
The website is specially designed for selling or offering free online courses. Can be used for:
– training;
– coaching;
– employee training and testing;
– psychology and psychotherapy sessions;
– meditations for pupils and students;
– online testing;
– language courses;
– online tutorials;
– online tutorials integrated in the Udemy platform;
– video conferencing;
– etc., the possibilities are limitless.
– allows the definition of courses;
– each course can have an unlimited number of lessons, questionnaires or tests;
– complex system for defining courses, lessons and tests (course duration, number of students, course level, individual course price, special price for groups, test duration, test passing grades, etc.)
– each course can be assigned reviews through which students can express their opinion about the courses;
– several teachers can be defined, and the courses are assigned to each teacher;
– event module, allows the complex definition of events with description, pictures, start dates, end location and the price of participation in the event if necessary;
– students management module;
– testimonial module;
– blog article module
– Zoom video conferencing module can be added;
– additional modules can be added on request.

In addition to the features listed below, we also provide other services through the website. We can add services and modules with new functionalities to the website while it is being built, based on the needs of the client.

Website security plugin:

The plugin defends the website against attacks, prevents unauthorized login attempts, and generates reports on attacks and unauthorized login attempts.

Plugin for anti-spam:

A website that allows visitors to leave comments will quickly become inundated with spam comments. To a great extent, this module eliminates spam.

Back-up plugin:

The plugin has the ability to save the database or the entire website. The website can be rebuilt from the ground up if there are major operating problems or a virus infection.

Plugin for testimonials:

The plugin enables you to post customer testimonials about you, your products, and services on your website. They can also be directly imported and displayed on Google reviews, Facebook reviews, and other websites.

Plugin for SEO:

The plugin allows you to optimize your website so that search engines can index it quickly and correctly. It enables you to optimize each page, each article, and all of the information on your website that is visible to visitors.

Plugin for online forms:

The plugin enables you to create forms, tests, and questionnaires to collect data from website visitors or to calculate or estimate costs (see house construction cost calculator, website price calculator, personality test, skills questionnaire, etc.).

Plugin for newsletters:

The plugin enables the creation of email marketing campaigns as well as the subscription to the newsletter by website visitors.

Plugin for automatic posting on social networks:

It is critical that the website's pages and articles appear on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Business, Telegram, Medium, Reddit, Tumblr, VK,, Plurk, Wordpress, and blogs on a regular basis in order to attract as many visitors as possible and to achieve the best possible indexing by search engines. It takes a long time to post on these websites on a regular basis. You can add a module to your website that, once configured, will automatically create these posts.

Plugin for collecting articles and information from websites automatically:

The plugin allows automatic collection and posting:
● from any web page;
● from RSS feeds;
● eBay products;
● Walmart products;
● ClickBank products;
● information from Craigslist;
● jobs on CareerJet;
● Facebook posts;
● Twitter posts;
● pictures from Instagram;
● posts on Pinterest;
● Reddit posts;
● pictures from Flickr;
● YouTube videos;
● videos from Vimeo;
● videos from DailyMotion.

Plugin for downloading posts from social media sites automatically:

Ideally, all of the information on your website should be shared via social media links (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.). If you don't want this, there is a way to take posts from social media sites (such as Facebook) and automatically publish them as blog posts on your website.

Plugin to download videos from a Youtube channel automatically:

The plugin allows you to post videos from your Youtube channel to your website automatically.

Plugin for implementing a live chat robot (chatbot):

The plugin enables you to show a chat window to website visitors, ask them predefined questions, and direct them to the information they seek or to a human operator.

Plugin for online courses:

The plugin enables you to create, publish, manage, and sell online courses.
The online course plugin has a complex system for defining courses, lessons, and tests.
Each course can have an unlimited number of lessons, questionnaires, or tests.
Course duration, number of students, course level, individual course price, special price for groups, test duration, passing marks, and so on can all be defined.
Each course can have reviews assigned to it, allowing students to express their thoughts on it.
There are many teachers, and the courses are assigned to each of them.

Plugin for event management:

The plugin enables the creation, management, and sale of online event tickets, as well as the complex definition of events with descriptions, images, start dates, end locations, and, if applicable, the cost of participation in the event.

Plugin for Webinars:

The plugin allows you to create, manage and sell webinars using the Zoom video conferencing application.

Plugin for Yandex Metrica:

Google isn't the only company that collects data from websites. Yandex Metrica is the world's fourth most popular search engine. Yandex, like Google, offers a variety of intriguing and useful applications and utilities, including:
  • Heatmaps are a graphical representation of a website's pages that show where visitors move their mouse.
  • A linkmap is a graphical representation of the most frequently clicked links on a website's page.
  • On a web page, a scroll map displays the most frequently visited areas;
  • Session Replay allows each visitor to watch a video clip of his or her activity on the website.

Plugin for Google Analytics:

In the website administration section, the plugin connects to your Google Analytics account and displays website traffic statistics.

Module for blogging:

Your articles will be ready to post on the blog once the website is completed. Blog posts are the most effective way to keep customers informed about your goods and services.

Photo gallery plugin:

The best way to present your work is with photos of completed projects. This plugin lets you display images in a variety of ways.

Google Maps Plugin:

The plugin enables the display of Google maps on website pages.

Mobile-friendly version of the site:

Your new website will look fantastic and function properly across all platforms. From large desktop monitors to the most up-to-date smartphones, there's something for everyone.