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Specialized site for publishing news or articles for online magazines. The site is completely autonomous and works without human intervention. News is automatically retrieved and published from other websites on the Internet at pre-determined intervals.
The news gathering module allows news to be retrieved in different versions including video or audio.
Information can be retrieved in the desired parameters from other news sites, blogs, social networks or specialised sites (Amazon, Ebay, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, Flickr, Youtube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, SoundCloud, Itunes, etc.).


Plugin for automatically collecting articles and information from websites: The module allows for the collection of various types of information from almost any website in an automated and programmable manner, which is then automatically published on your site.
Backup plugin: The plugin saves the database on a regular basis. The plugin enables you to back up your entire website. The website can be rebuilt from the ground up if there are major operating problems or a virus infection.
Plugin for automatic social media posting: The module allows you to share articles, pages, products, events, and other content from your website on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Business, Telegram, Medium, Reddit, Tumblr, VK,, Plurk, and Wordpress and Blogger blogs. Posting is done automatically based on the user-defined posting criteria.
Google Analytics plugin: The module connects to your Google Analytics account and provides statistics about website traffic.
Plugin for automatically embedding social media posts: The plugin automatically displays the social media posts on the website (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.). You can save posts from your personal Facebook account or the pages you manage on Facebook.
Spam protection plugin: Using artificial intelligence algorithms, the plugin significantly reduces spam.

Website security plugin:
- Protects the website against attacks;
- Scan the website for malware;
- Blocks unauthorized authentication;
- Provides reports on website attacks;
- Sends alerts for unauthorized authentication attempts.

SEO Plugin:
From an SEO standpoint, the module enables the entire website to be optimized.
The module includes:
- unlimited keyword and phrase optimization;
- integration with Google Search Console;
- integration with Google Analytics;
- you can track your keyword rankings in Google;
- and more.

Yandex Metrica plugin: The plugin provides statistics on website traffic.