Why just having a website is not enough anymore?

Why just having a website is not enough anymore in 2022?

You have a website and yet nothing special is happening with it? Isn’t that what you imagined and it doesn’t seem to help you in the development of your business? Do you conclude that it was not a good investment and still ignore the site?First of all you have to think that the internet does not start with your website. There are over 1.2 billion websites right now. Even though many of them are not active, the number remains impressive. You didn’t do anything wrong when you made a website. Potential customers are present online and look for information, products and services that you have on your website. The problem is that you stopped here and didn’t take the next step: promoting the website. And promotion means not only advertising but also a careful analysis of your potential customers and the products or services you offer. Some promotions are complex and time consuming. Others are simple and have immediate effect.But before you promote your site you should make sure that: 1. Your website looks professional. 75% of internet users appreciate the credibility and performance of a company based on the design of their website.2. Your websIte works without errors and all the modules that ensure its correct operation are updated regularly. If the website are not maintained, they will not produce the results you expect.3. Your website works correctly on mobile devices. The number of users accessing the Internet through their mobile devices has reached 75%. 93% of small business websites are not displayed correctly on a smartphone.4. Your website is protected against cyber attacks and ensures the digital security of visitors.5. Your website is simple and easy to use, provides the reader with concise and useful information without too many flash animations, advertising requests, automatic video playback, background music, etc.6. Your website uploads fast.7. The user can easily and quickly find the contact details (email address, phone number and physical address if applicable). – 49% of small business website do not have a phone number; – 93% do not display an email address or display only a contact form. Contact forms, although often used, are not a great alternative;8. The information is updated both on the site and in Google Business and social media pages. – 85% of small business websites display incorrect information; – 64% of site owners consider that updating is a major challenge, although things are not that complicated and updates are absolutely necessary.9. The website provides you with statistical information about users and their behavior. – 75% of small businesses do not use statistical analysis of website.

Do you have a website? Do you want to know what issues it has and how you can help him perform better? Do you want to learn how to promote your website?
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