How much does a house building project cost?

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Online calculator for home construction projects.

Calculation valid only for Romania! The following values will be displayed: construction permit cost, total house construction project cost.

How much does an architectural project cost to build a house? What is the cost of a building permit?
To calculate these costs, use the calculator below.
The total cost includes the costs of obtaining the necessary approvals to obtain a building permit (approvals and agreements from water, sewer, gas, electricity, public health, the environment, civil protection, and others), the cost of the geotechnical study, and the cost of the technical project.
In the case of the technical project, you can opt for 3 variants:
a) Minimum authorization project. It is the minimum version of the project, sufficient to be submitted to the file for obtaining the construction permit, but it does not contain the details of the construction execution;
b) Project with execution details. It contains the architectural project, the structure project, the resistance project and the projects for thermal, sanitary and electrical installations. With this package you can get to work.
c) Complex project. Choose this option if you want a house with complex architecture.
In the first two cases, we took into account average design costs, valid for simple architectural projects.
Choosing a good architect and implicitly a good structuralist is essential and will have a major influence on the cost / sqm of house construction.
If you want to estimate how much it will cost to buy a land you can use “Land purchase acquisition cost calculator”.

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Disclimer: This online calculator is designed to provide a general estimate of the costs associated with a construction project for a house. The calculator displays detailed costs for the project, but it should be noted that the results obtained are purely indicative and are intended to provide a general idea of the costs. An exact calculation can only be made by a person who is specialized in the field of construction and takes into account the specific details of the house project. It is important to mention that this calculator is general and valid only for individuals. It is not intended for legal entities. The results obtained through the use of this calculator are not guaranteed and can vary depending on the various variables entered. We are not responsible for any damages or problems that may arise from the use of this calculator. It is important to mention that we are not an architecture or construction company. We are a web design company specialized in creating online forms. Therefore, the use of this calculator is the exclusive responsibility of the user, who must take into account all the variables that can influence the construction costs of a house. We remind you that this calculator cannot be used to make final decisions regarding a house construction project. The user must obtain a careful and complete analysis of the results and consult a qualified specialist before making decisions regarding the construction project.

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