How do I improve site security?

How do I improve site security
Ways to improve the security of your website:
  1. Use strong passwords for admin accounts. Make sure your password contains letters, numbers and symbols and is long enough to make it difficult to guess or crack by automated methods.
  2. Install a security plugin to protect your site from cyber attacks and to monitor activity on your site.
  3. Use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to encrypt the connection between your site and visitors. This prevents sensitive information from being intercepted by third parties.
  4. Limit access to certain features of the site. For example, you can allow only administrators access to certain pages or features.
  5. Make regular software updates to your site. This means installing the latest updates for plugins, themes and other components of your website to prevent security vulnerabilities.
  6. Make sure all forms and data submission processes on your site are secure and that information is encrypted during transmission.
Please note: this is only a brief list of suggestions and is not an exhaustive list of security measures you should take to protect your site.
It is important to research and understand the specific security needs of your site and take appropriate steps to meet them.

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