How much does it cost to build a house in Romania?

The most widely used online calculation form for the cost of building a house in Romania.

Due to large price increases in materials and workmanship, the resulting price can differ significantly from the actual cost of building a house.

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The calculation is done in real time. You can change the data entered and the calculation is automatically repeated. The result of the calculation will be sent to the desired email address.
As there are many variables to be taken into account in the calculation of the total cost, the results displayed are purely indicative and are intended to give you a general idea of the construction costs of a house.
An exact calculation can only be done by a specialist in the construction field who will take into account the details of the house design.
Calculating the cost of building a house is only for individuals. The calculation is not valid for legal entities.
The online calculator will estimate the following costs related to the construction of a house:
– Notary fee (contract authentication) paid when buying the land;
– Land registration fee (land) ANCPI;
– Value of estate agency commission when buying the land;
– Surveyor’s fee for checking the land;
– Cost of geotechnical survey;
– Cost of complete project (architecture, resistance, installations);
– Cost of town planning certificate and other approvals;
– Cost of building permit;
– Cost of building a red house;
– Cost of building a house in grey;
– Cost of building a turnkey house;
– Cost of current utilities;
– Cost of gas utilities;
– Cost of water and sewerage utilities;
– Electrical installation cost;
– Plumbing cost;
– Cost of heating installations;
– Cost of site manager;
– Energy certificate cost;
– Cost of house registration.

For the most accurate calculation of the final price, tick all the following options.

Disclaimer: This online calculator is intended to provide a general estimate of the construction costs for a house. The calculator displays detailed costs for the construction of a house, however, it should be noted that the results obtained are purely indicative and have the role of providing a general overview of the costs. An accurate calculation can only be made by a person specialized in the field of construction, who will take into account the details of the house project. It is important to mention that this calculator is general and valid only for individuals. It is not intended for legal entities. The results obtained through the use of this calculator are not guaranteed and may vary depending on the different variables entered. We are not responsible for any damage or problems that may arise from the use of this calculator. It is important to mention that we are not an architecture or construction company. We are a web design company specialized in creating online forms. Therefore, the use of this calculator is the sole responsibility of the user and he/she must take into account all the variables that can influence the construction costs of a house.

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