How to create engaging content on social platforms: the importance of emotions in the first few seconds.

How to create engaging content on social platforms

It’s not just about content, it’s about emotions: how to capture attention on social media


The algorithm doesn’t just love quality content, but the emotions it evokes.

For years, general advice for success on social media focused on creating quality content. Add value, provide useful tips, be entertaining to your followers – that was the repeated mantra. But what we are discovering now completely transforms this traditional approach. Emotions, not just information, are the key to success.
It’s a paradigm shift that requires a fundamental reorientation of your content strategy. What we need to understand is that the algorithm is not only concerned with valuable content or helpful tips. The algorithm wants to provoke emotions – emotions that elicit reactions and engagement.

“Your action has been recorded in a special database”: The experiment with the non-existent message

Have you heard that “Your action has been recorded in a special database”?
I ask you this because, of course, this message doesn’t exist. But the way you feel right now – surprised, confused, curious – is exactly the feeling we want to encourage. This is the kind of emotion that keeps followers waiting, makes them stay, and interact with our content.

Emotions receive likes, comments, and shares

Engaging with social media has become such a rapid process that our decisions are made in a fraction of a second. And those decisions are based on emotions. Whether you’re surprised, amused, or even slightly confused – if you feel something, you’ll stay. These emotions are measurable and exactly what the algorithm is looking for.

Value plus emotion equals effective content

Now, I’m not suggesting that traditional values, tips, and entertainment should completely disappear from your content. They are still important components, but now we have a new component to consider: emotions. It’s this blend of quality content and emotion that sparks interest and interaction, propelling you to the next level.

Emotion – the essence of viral content

So, don’t fall prey to old conventions. Explore new approaches and ensure that emotions are an integral aspect of your content strategy. Success in the social media realm is just as much about how we make our followers feel as it is about what we offer them. So, to expand your audience, start focusing more on the emotions your content evokes and see the difference it makes.

Emotions vs. Information: Who wins the algorithm battle?

As you evolve in your content strategy, you’ll notice a profound transformation. You’ll find that followers are not only interested in the information you provide but also in the emotions they feel during their interaction with your content. This is the future of social media – a future where emotions win the algorithm battle.

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