How to make money with Facebook in 2022?

How to Make Money With Facebook

How to make money with Facebook?

When I first asked myself this question, I assumed that I could make money with a Facebook page or group, if I had enough followers, and Facebook would pay me for the traffic created, just as Google pays me for the ads on the site. my or my Youtube channel.
I thought it was simple. I make a page with a few thousand subscribers and the money starts to flow from Facebook. But it is not so. Although theoretically Facebook offers similar services, the conditions imposed are so difficult to meet that you are discouraged before you start and you will probably wonder if it is not better to choose other ways to make money online (see the article How to make money online with a website in 2022?).
Honestly, I don’t personally know any person who managed to collect at least 1 leu from Facebook.
Theoretically, however, we can define two options by which you can make money with a Facebook page or group.
1. Indirect option. You make money from marketing. In other words, you offer paid marketing services to various companies, collaborators, etc.
2. The direct option. You collect money from Facebook if,…. I will detail the conditions in this article.
Option 1, the indirect one.
It is the most used and the only viable option for beginners.
There are many freelancers and many companies that have been dealing with this for years. It’s a real, well-developed industry. So if you want to take it in this direction, you will have to document yourself, learn and be up to date with the news in this field.
And don’t just focus on advertising on Facebook. Learn what online marketing means and consider other ways to promote it that are even more effective than Facebook promotion, such as: Google Ad-Sense, SEO, newsletter promotion, or affiliate marketing. (read article 10 disadvantages of a Facebook page).
Specifically, this option involves generating traffic from your Facebook page or group to websites, such as: online stores, blogs, business directories, Youtube channels, other Facebook pages and groups, etc. through pictures, advertising banners, articles, videos, links, etc.
Suppose you have a Facebook page in the automotive field, which you worked on for years and reached 10,000 followers. You sign a contract with an RCA insurance company, for which you will advertise on your page. You start and post articles and various advertising materials for that company in the hope that they will be viewed by the 10,000 followers.
Unfortunately, probably only 6% of followers will see your articles, ie 600. The percentage may increase or decrease depending on the degree of interaction of readers with that article (if they like & share).
Unfortunately, this is Facebook’s policy, which limits the visibility of published articles and does everything possible to make you pay for their promotion, being the only way you can get a much higher percentage of views.
But overall things work and Variant 1 is a good way to make money by promoting online.
Option 2, the direct one.
If you want to try this option, the first thing you need to do is check if your page is eligible for monetization.
Log in to your Facebook account and access the following link: then enter the menu “Monetization -> Monetization with Facebook”.
If you already have a page or group, Facebook will show you the tools by which you can monetize them and tell you if you qualify for each tool.
You should know from the beginning:
– The page must have a minimum of 10,000 subscribers. For a Youtube channel, it only requires 1,000 subscribers;
– Minimum 15,000 interactions per page in the last 60 days (likes, comments, etc.). In vain you have 10,000 subscribers, if they do not Like, Share and do not comment on your posts.
– You need to upload enough videos on the page and make at least 10,000 hours of viewing in the last 2 months (Youtube only requires 4,000 hours for 12 months). So only posts, no videos and the original ones not taken from Youtube, TikTok or other websites.
– You must also have videos of more than 3 minutes, with a minimum of 30.00 views of at least 1 minute each. That is, you can put as many videos as you want, if you don’t have videos longer than 3 minutes, it doesn’t work.
– Minimum 5 live videos, totaling at least 60,000 viewing hours. So without live videos, it doesn’t work.
– Distribute authentic content. In vain you post various news and novelties on the page. If Facebook considers that you posted wrong information or false news, you may lose your eligibility for monetization;
– Distribute original content, ie only the one you create. In vain you have a page with 100,000+ followers in which you put pictures of cats and beautiful landscapes taken from the net. Facebook will consider that it is not original content.
– Respect the standards of the Facebook community. This is very loud, because these standards can only be interpreted according to the criteria known by Facebook, and if you do not respect them, you can wake up with the account blocked without any explanation from them. Search the net and see how hard it is to unlock a Facebook account.
– etc.
And I stop here with the aberrations of Facebook. From my point of view, it is clear that Facebook has no interest in paying content creators. Their only purpose is to make money from the work of those who create content.
So you want to make money on Facebook? The only viable solution for beginners is Option 1. And if you don’t know how, don’t want or aren’t interested in marketing, then you don’t really have any other way to make money on Facebook. Maybe if others pay you to click and share various articles, but this also applies to option 1.

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