How to promote your website with little money and lots of sweet dreams 😂.

How to promote your website with a limited budget and big dreams
Advertising agency expert: Hello, what brings you to my agency today?
Client: I have a website I want to promote. Let’s do something!

Advertising agency expert: Sure, we’d all like to be like Google, wouldn’t we? But what’s your budget?

Client: Not too big, about 500 lei.

Advertising agency expert: Ah, so you want us to promote your website before thousands of other competitors, but with a small advertising budget?

Client: Yes, that would be my budget. What can we do?

Advertising agency expert: Well, we could try to promote your website with an e-mail marketing campaign. It’s like spamming, but without being penalized by Google. But don’t worry, you’re sure to get a few clicks from those few people who haven’t blocked all the ads yet.

Client: Aha, sounds good. But how can we be sure it will be effective?

Advertising agency expert: Ha-ha, effective! The same question the mouse asks when he runs on the exercise wheel. We can’t guarantee the effectiveness of the campaign, but we can guarantee you’ll pay for it!

Client: Hmm, I’m beginning to doubt it. Are there any other options?

Advertising agency expert: Sure, there’s always SEO. That is, search engine optimization. We’ll get your site to show up in the first few pages of searches, but it can be expensive. Plus, there’s always the risk of being penalised by Google. But, hey, every business needs an adventure now and then, right?

Client: Hmm, I don’t know.

Advertising agency expert: No problem, let’s keep this 500 lei and invest it in an online gamble. It would be more fun and you might have better luck than with online marketing. But back to the point, maybe we should think of something more creative. How about doing a campaign with a unique hashtag and promoting your website on all social networks?

Client: Sounds good, but I’m not quite sure how it all works.

Advertising agency expert: Well, the idea is to post as many messages as possible and use that unique hashtag to get users’ attention. We might get a few hundred likes, maybe even some of them will go to your site.

Client: OK, that sounds interesting. But how much does such a campaign cost?

Advertising agency expert: The cost depends on the number of posts and the number of platforms you want us to use. But let’s say it would be around 1000 lei.

Client: Hmm, that’s still a lot more than my budget allows.

Advertising agency expert: Don’t worry, we have another option. It might not be as popular, but it can be just as effective. We suggest you try email marketing.

Client: Email marketing again? Doesn’t that sound like spam?

Advertising agency expert: There’s nothing wrong with spam, especially if we do it professionally. We’ll send you a personalised e-mail, which probably no one will open, but at least we’ll have tried.

Client: You’re not really convincing me. Are you sure this would help my site promote itself?

Advertising agency expert: Well, if you don’t like any of the ideas, then I suggest you try promoting your site yourself. Create a blog, write posts and spread them on social media. But, that’s free and too common, isn’t it?

Client: I’m afraid I need to find another agency.

Advertising agency expert: Sure, you can do that. But remember, online marketing is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Maybe you’ll find that needle, maybe you won’t, but it will certainly be fun to try. Goodbye and we wish you the best of luck!

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