I have a simple website, without important information. Why would anyone want to break my website?

Nobody has anything to do with you personally, especially if you don’t have important information on your website. And yet you have a good chance of a hacker breaking into your site.
– Because hackers use automated software that searches the Internet for vulnerable websites. You have a good chance that this software will scan your website as well;
– Because some people like to highlight /exploit your site’s vulnerabilities;
– Because once the hacker take control, he can use the information and resources of your website.
About what hackers do after breaking a site:
– steals useful data such as: list of users, email addresses, data related to online payments, passwords, etc.;
– redirects visitors to other sites (usually gambling websites or porn websites);
– apply phishing schemes;
– infects visitors’ computers;
– use the resources of the server on which the wwebsite operates to run various applications;
– etc.
What does a “broken” site look like?
– Long loading times;
– Many spam comments;
– Links that lead nowhere;
– Non-functional website;
– Website that works with major errors;
– Website blacklisted by search engines;
– Links to websites that appear in Google searches as unsafe;
– etc.
What can you do if you have a broken site?
In most cases, cleaning the website is a time consuming and very expensive process. Many times you can’t do much and you will have to restore the site from a back-up. If you have such a thing. If you don’t, you will have to rebuild the website from scratch.
But you can prevent such a situation. Ask the team that maintains your website or those who built the website to do the following:
– to install on the website specialized security modules, which allow blocking of cyber attacks;
– to update regularly and in time all the software running on the website;
– not to use unlicensed, untested and unsafe software modules in the construction of the website.
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