49 creative ideas for websites

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49 creative ideas for websites.

To help you, we’ve compiled a list of 49 website ideas. Whether you want a simple or professional website, these suggestions will help you get started.


PERSONAL BLOG: If you are passionate about writing and always have something to say, make a blog. Will you be successful in a world full of blogs? If you don’t try, you’ll never know. Whatever the end, you will have an interesting experience.


BUSINESS WEBSITE: Make a website for your small company and constantly promote it through social networks.


WEBSITE WITH USEFUL TIPS: Do you have a group of friends “skilled at everything”? You like new things, you like to try and test. Choose a field you are good at and make a website with useful tips for those interested.


REVIEW BLOG: Write reviews for various products or services. If you manage to write quality articles, you will be paid for that. If you speak English very well, you can approach things internationally and the opportunities will become limitless.


TRAVEL BLOG: If you like travel and adventure, make a blog on this topic. Arm yourself with an “action camera” and a camera and tell people about your experiences: diving, parachuting, hang gliding, bungee jumping, hiking, mountain biking etc.


QUOTE WEBSITE: Write original, motivational quotes and publish them on social networks.


NICHE BLOG: Choose a niche that you know very well. Write about everything related to that niche every day.


ONLINE PORTFOLIO: If you are passionate about photography, painting, drawing, interior design or another hobby, make a website. It is the most effective way to make your work known.


BEST OF WEBSITE: Write reviews and top products and services.


CAREER GUIDE: Be a guru and teach others how to become professionals in a certain field!


EDUCATIONAL WEBSITE: Create an E-Learning website. More and more such websites have more users.


MUSIC LESSONS: Offer online music lessons. Create videos and teach others how to play an instrument.


SOLUTIONS FOR VARIOUS PROBLEMS: Choose a field and become an expert, helping others solve their problems.


FASHION BLOG: Write about useful styles and tips related to fashion.


BLOG OF FOOD RECIPES: Yes, the net is full of websites with culinary recipes. Fortunately, there will always be room for you, if you bring something new in this field.


BLOG OF IDEAS: Write about creative ideas that others can suggest and comment on your website.


FOREIGN LANGUAGE LEARNING: Do you have experience in this field? Help others learn a foreign language.


FISHERIES WEBSITE: Tips and tricks on how to fish in different areas and how to approach different fishing styles. Upload viral videos of your fishing adventures.


ANIMAL LOVERS WEBSITE: You like animals, you want to protect them. Write about them, put pictures and movies.


VEGAN WEBSITE: You are a convinced vegan and you consider your lifestyle to be healthy. Provide information about the vegan world on your website.


SCIENCE-FICTION FAN BLOG: Write your own articles, write reviews for books, movies, characters, special effects. Publish videos.


MOVIE REVIEW WEBSITE: Do you like movies and over time have you become an encyclopedia in this field? Make a team of enthusiastic people like you and start writing reviews on your website.


MEDITATION WEBSITE: Make your own meditation podcast and a blog on meditation techniques.


ARCHITECTURE WEBSITE: Are you an experienced architect in this field? Maybe it’s time to make a site with which to promote your services and ideas.


MAKEUP ARTIST: It is an area with a lot of competition. Make a website, promote it and get out of anonymity.


ORGANIC COSMETICS: If you have started a business in this field, promotion is essential. Make a website and start promoting online. It will probably be the only way of promotion you can afford at this stage.


SPORTS ACTIVITIES WEBSITE: Do you have a gym? Are you a martial arts instructor or a sports teacher? Make a website, present the activities, benefits, methods and training programs.


MASSAGE WEBSITE: When a person needs a product or service, they will search the net. In the case of massage services, customers are very interested in the location and the opinions of other customers. Make a website and present the services you offer.


TATTOOS WEBSITE: Are you a good artist? It would be good to present your services and achievements. Give customers ideas, write about tattoo techniques and types.


PSYCHOLOGY BLOG: Are you a psychologist, a psychotherapist? Write about your services, make podcasts, videos, and create a community that you can constantly communicate with.



31. Website dedicated to people with disabilities;
32. Website dedicated to classical music;
33. Website dedicated to micro-gardening;
34. Website dedicated to interior & exterior decorations;
35. Car tuning website;
36. Custom motorcycle website;
37. Custom bicycles website;
38. Wooden bicycle website;
39. Website legal advice and counseling;
40. Website coaching;
41. Website with information on environmental pollution;
42. Financial education website;
43. Entrepreneurship website;
44. Website with topics for political discussion;
45: Global warming website;
46. Website with information on hunting;
47. Website with information on model making;
48. Website on the history of Romania;
49. Website for coffee lovers.

How much does a website cost?

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