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Customized online testing solutions for HR departments

In today’s digital age, technology has changed the way companies do business and, in particular, the process of recruiting and evaluating employees., experts in web design and specialised online forms, presents you with a wide range of online tests designed specifically to facilitate the work of HR departments.


Specialised online tests in the field of human resources: provides a range of useful online tests to assess various aspects of employees and candidates, such as emotional intelligence, assertive communication, team role, sensory perception, personality and professional skills.

These tests, such as the Cattel Personality Test, Personal Assessment Test and Online Honesty Test, can be tailored to your company’s specific needs and can be installed on your company’s website if it is built on the WordPress platform. If your recruitment company does not have a website or is not on the WordPress platform, can create the website with the necessary tests from scratch.


List of available tests:

Test to determine the level of emotional intelligence
Assertive communication test
Team role assessment test
Sensory perception test
Adolescent Personality Test
Personality test
Vocational aptitude test
Cattel personality test
Personal assessment test
Online honesty test
Mental health test
Integrity test


Usefulness and advantages of using online forms:


Increased efficiency: Online tests allow for quick and efficient assessment of candidates and employees without the time and effort involved in traditional paper-based assessments. This leads to a reduction in the time and resources required for the recruitment and assessment process.


Flexibility: Online tests can be accessed and completed from anywhere, anytime, without time or space restrictions. This makes it easier for candidates and employees to access assessments and enhances their experience within the company.


Customisation and adaptability: Online tests can be customised to specific company needs, allowing them to be adapted to different types of candidates and employees. This ensures a more accurate and relevant assessment for each individual.


Simplified analysis and reporting: Online test results can be collected and analysed automatically, generating detailed and easy-to-understand reports. These reports make it easy to interpret and compare results, allowing HR departments to make informed decisions in the recruitment and assessment process.

Confidentiality and security:’s online tests ensure the confidentiality and security of candidate and employee data, in compliance with data protection regulations. This means that the information collected is kept secure and is only used for the stated purposes.


Reducing human error: Online assessments minimise human errors, such as mistakes in scoring and interpretation, thanks to automated data processing and analysis. This ensures a more accurate and objective assessment of candidates and employees.


Providing instant feedback: Online tests enable instant feedback to candidates and employees, which helps them understand their strengths and weaknesses and develop their professional skills effectively.



Using‘s specialised online HR tests is a modern, efficient and adaptable solution for companies looking to improve their recruitment and employee assessment process. The advantages offered by these tests, such as increased efficiency, flexibility, customization, simplified analysis and reporting, data privacy and security, reduced human error and instant feedback, contribute to a more productive and satisfying work environment for employees and companies alike.

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