Land purchase cost calculation in Romania

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The most widely used land purchase price calculation form in Romania. It will display the values for: land cost, notary costs, ANCPI tax, real estate agency commission.

Are you planning to buy new land in Romania and want to know more about the costs? What do you need to know when buying land in Romania?

The online calculator below can give you an overview of the costs of buying land in Romania.

There are many variables to take into account, so please take these values as an estimate. The costs are determined according to the size of the land, the rank of the locality in which the land is located, the area and the category of use of the land as classified by the local council. The following will be shown: notary costs, estate agency commission and ANCPI fee.

If you want to estimate how much it will cost to build a house in Romania, you can use the calculation form: “Calculation of house construction cost“.

We apologize for the fact that this online form is currently in Romanian. The online forms part of the website is under construction. We will soon rebuild all forms in English. If you are interested in our services related to online forms please contact us.

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For the most accurate calculation of the final price, tick all the following options.

Disclaimer: This online calculator is intended to provide a general estimate of the costs associated with land acquisition. The calculator displays detailed costs for the purchase of land, however, it should be noted that the results obtained are purely indicative and have the role of providing a general overview of the costs. An accurate calculation can only be made by a person specialized in the field of land acquisition. It is important to mention that this calculator is general and valid only for individuals. It is not intended for legal entities. The results obtained through the use of this calculator are not guaranteed and may vary depending on the different variables entered. We are not responsible for any damage or problems that may arise from the use of this calculator. It is important to mention that we are not a real estate appraisal company. We are a web design company specialized in creating online forms. Therefore, the use of this calculator is the sole responsibility of the user and he/she must take into account all the variables that can influence the costs of land acquisition.

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