Specialized website for online courses and tutorials

It is time for a major change in education, consulting and training. The online trend in these areas is obvious and will probably be absolutely necessary soon.

Make a website for online courses. We offer you the Master Study model.

The website is specially designed for selling or offering free online courses. Can be used for:
– training;
– coaching;
– employee training and testing;
– psychology and psychotherapy sessions;
– meditations for pupils and students;
– online testing;
– language courses;
– online tutorials;
– online tutorials integrated in the Udemy platform;
– video conferencing;
– etc., the possibilities are limitless.


– specialized website for online courses;
– allows the definition of courses;
– each course can have an unlimited number of lessons, questionnaires or tests;
– complex system for defining courses, lessons and tests (course duration, number of students, course level, individual course price, special price for groups, test duration, test passing grades, etc.)
– each course can be assigned reviews through which students can express their opinion about the courses;
– several teachers can be defined, and the courses are assigned to each teacher;
– event module, allows the complex definition of events with description, pictures, start dates, end location and the price of participation in the event if necessary;
– students management module;
– testimonial module;
– blog article module – Zoom video conferencing module can be added;
– site security modules;
– SEO module;
– site back-up module;
– additional modules can be added on request.