Online store with personal hygiene products, surface hygiene and professional cleaning products. The store uses the WordPress & Woocommerce platform.



Site security modules: protects the website against attacks, blocks unauthorized authentication, provides reports related to attacks and unauthorized authentication attempts;
SEO module: optimizes the website so that it can be easily and correctly indexed by search engines. Allows the optimization of each page and each article on the site;
Newsletter module: allows the realization of email marketing campaigns;
Forms module: allows the creation of online forms to collect certain information from site visitors;
Chatbot module: allows you to display a chat window with site visitors, ask predefined questions and direct them to the information they are looking for or to a human operator.
Spam protection module: a website that allows comments from visitors, will have spam comments in a very short time from launch. There are modules that eliminate spam.
Back-up module: saves the whole site and in case of problems such as virus infection, the website can be rebuilt from scratch.
Box pack order module: allows you to order certain products only at multiple of certain number of pieces.
Social network account authentication module: the module allows the creation of users using social network accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.
Favorite products module: allows the user to save the favorite products in a list (Wishlist).