IT’s time to be online!

If you have hesitated so far to approach the field online, now is the time to do so.

If you already have a site but have not paid due attention to it, because you have not seen the opportunities it offers, we will help you with tips and information.

The decision to become active online is essential, and you need to see it as an investment without which it will be increasingly difficult to stay visible to your customers or audience.

Think big and act now
Online shops
from 1.799€

We create and manage personalized online magazines.

Price list
we will create your online store

Do you have a business that sells products? A physical store is no longer enough. You also need an online store, even if now most customers also buy from the physical store. Soon, this balance may change. Customers must also be able to find your products or services on the Internet.

Websites design
from 249€

Choose a site model from our portfolio and in 5 days we are going to build it.

we will create a website for your business

Do you have a company, a product or a service? Do you have a hobby, such as blogging, photography, interior design or motorcycles? Then you need a site so that it can be easily found on the Internet. Check the “Examples” menu, choose a site model that you like and in five days you will have your site fully functional.

Website Redesign
from 349€

We redesign old sites according to modern design and security criteria. We prepare them for effective communication with social networks.

We rebuild the old site using the latest technologies.

Does your site look old and unprofessional? Do you have few visitors and small sales? You better consider rebuilding it. We recommend changing the design to a modern one that works properly on smartphones and tablets, simplifying the user interface for easier use, improving site security and easy communication with social networks.

Automatic posting
from 119€

Automatic posting on social media accounts: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Google business, etc.

We automate your POSTING processes on SOCIAL NETWORKS.

Posting products, services and articles on social networking sites is very important! But this process is on the one hand very monotonous and consumes a lot of time and resources. We can help you by automating this process. You can schedule all posts on all social networks at once, without wasting time every day with this process.

ChatBot integration
from 119€

Automate the online chat process with customers. Install live chatbots on your sites.

Automate live chat processes on your site

It is important to promote your site and attract as many visitors as possible. But just as important is that once you get them to your site or your social networking page, you get in direct contact with them. This is usually done through a human operator. There is an efficient and much cheaper option. Automate the process of talking to customers by using intelligent robots for conversations. Ask us how this can be achieved, and we will give you the necessary information.

Data collection
from 239€

Your site may automatically collect data from other sites.

Your site will automatically collect information from the internet.

Do you spend a lot of time collecting certain information on the net? You want to collect articles from a specific field that interests you in particular and automatically publish them on your site’s blog. We can automate the process of information collection and automatic publication.

Online forms
from 119€

We implement on your site, various types of forms for collecting information from site visitors.

Do you already have a website? Take advantage of all the opportunities it offers.

Want to create a poll? Collect various contact information? Make registration forms, to order products and services, to get feedback, to book, to evaluate, to schedule, to hire, etc.? You can get all this using the online forms.

Online advertising
from 119€

Promoting brands, companies, products, services, sites through Google and social networks.


If you already have a website it is very good. It means you’ve already taken the first step. The second step is to let the world know about you, your company, your brand, your products or services. It is about promotion, absolutely necessary in the online field. Without promotion you will have few visitors to the site and implicitly very few customers.

Website maintenance
from 69€

Administration, maintenance services, website hosting and IT consulting services. Get rid of worries by outsourcing the administration of your site.

we make sure that your site works in optimal conditions

We live in an increasingly complicated digital world. No site on the net is 100% safe. Sites of national importance have been broken down over time, so your site is not immune to hacker attacks either. Unfortunately, the sites do not work at optimal parameters, without regular maintenance services.

It’s time to be online! Act now! Don’t think about it, don’t try to plan too much. We will solve all the problems together. We live in a dynamic world, where speed of reaction is essential. If you don’t do it, others will do it before you.