1.  Creating a new design with user-friendly interface.

In the field of the Internet, the dynamics of change are very high. Website design is constantly adapting to new trends and technologies. If your site has an old look, this will negatively affect your company’s image and implicitly the way your site visitors perceive you.

2.   Adaptation to new user requirements.

Do you already have a website? Take advantage of all the opportunities it offers. In most cases, the site can do more than just present you, your company, or your products and services. It allows you to interact with visitors and obtain important data. Adapting the site to the requirements of visitors will be to your advantage.

3.   Proper operation on mobile devices.

Many sites, especially old ones, are not optimized for mobile devices. This makes the display of information on smartphones incorrect. In 2020, the percentage of use of mobile devices in Romania for Internet browsing reached over 73%, compared to 50% in 2015. It is essential that your site is adapted to the new requirements and its use is simple. and intuitive.

4.   Proper operation for most browsers.

You may not have noticed, but many of the older sites display the information differently depending on the browser used. Your site looks a certain way if you use the Chrome browser and otherwise if you use Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Opera or Safari. There are enough situations when certain parts of the site simply no longer work with the newer versions of browsers. In such cases, redesigning the site is absolutely necessary.

5. Use of new site security and protection technologies.

Statistics tell us that once every 49 seconds there is a new attack on sites around the world. Although no one has a problem with your site, there is a good chance that it will be scanned for vulnerabilities automatically. Once the vulnerabilities have been found, the attacker can take partial or complete control of the site. Regular elimination of these vulnerabilities is essential to reduce security risks.

6.   Increase site upload speed.

Internet users expect the sites they visit to load in less than three seconds. The longer the upload time, the more visitors will give up accessing the site. The loading speed of a site depends on its type and size and obtaining that time of 3s is in many cases impossible. However, it is worth paying special attention to this aspect, and the restoration of an old site will certainly lead to a significant improvement in loading speed.

7.   SEO efficient optimization.

The redesign of the site will make it easier to find and the information can be interpreted correctly by search engines.

8.   Optimal configuration of communication with social networks.

It is not difficult to intuit the importance of social networks Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Google business, etc .. An effective integration of the site with these networks is mandatory.

9.  Process automation.

As the site becomes more complex and the number of visitors increases, process automation becomes useful and even necessary to reduce the time and resources allocated to site management.

10.   Adding new features.

By redesigning, you can add new visitor features to your old site.