Optimizing the Account Structure in Google Ads. How to Attract More Customers and Save Money

Optimizing the Account Structure in Google Ads. How to Attract More Customers and Save Money

Google Ads is a popular and effective platform for promoting businesses online. However, many people struggle with managing their account structure and make mistakes that limit the performance of their online advertising campaigns.

In this article, we will provide a quick and important tip regarding the account structure in Google Ads and explain why the correct approach can improve campaign results.


Defining the Account Structure in Google Ads

Many people wonder how they should define their account structure in Google Ads: when to create campaigns, how many campaigns to create, and where to create them.

The most common mistake is creating a separate campaign for each service or product of a company. This approach is not only structurally incorrect but also limits performance by inefficiently dividing budgets.


When to Use Campaigns in Google Ads

Campaigns are necessary only in certain situations, such as:

  • Volume: If your company operates in a limited area and does not require a separation between different services or products offered, you can have all your roofing-related ad groups in a single campaign.
  • Geographic targeting: If your company provides services in two distinct cities, separated by a considerable distance, it is recommended to have a second campaign to adjust specific settings for each city.
  • Budget: If there are certain keywords that attract a large volume of searches and consume a significant portion of your budget, it is advisable to separate campaigns to manage these aspects more efficiently. The difference in volume and cost can be a determining criterion for creating separate campaigns.


Avoiding Common Mistakes

Why is it incorrect to create a separate campaign for each service or product? The answer is quite simple: firstly, it does not adhere to the correct account structure and makes its management more difficult. Secondly, spreading small budgets across multiple campaigns limits overall performance and budget efficiency.


Efficient Account Structure

To achieve the best results in Google Ads, here’s how an optimal account structure should look:

  • Main Campaign: In this campaign, group together all similar services or products that target the same primary geographical area or audience. Secondary
  • Campaigns: If your company operates in different areas or offers specific services to distinct audiences, it is recommended to create separate campaigns for these cases.
  • Ad Groups: In each campaign, create ad groups to organize and structure relevant keywords, ads, and landing pages. This allows you to tailor messages and campaign settings based on objectives and target audience.



Creating an efficient structure in Google Ads is essential to achieve desired results and make effective use of campaign budgets. Avoid the mistake of creating a separate campaign for each service or product and consider criteria such as volume, geographic targeting, and budget to decide when separate campaigns are necessary. Organize your account in a logical and well-structured manner so that you can efficiently manage and optimize the performance of your campaigns. With these tips, you will be on your way to a successful campaign in Google Ads!

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