Website for professional blogging, with book reviews. The original site was created on the free WordPress platform, then due to limitations the website was rebuilt in its current form.

Simple, elegant, website optimized for mobile devices and with a very fast loading.

– blog / news;
– subscribe to the newsletter;
– email marketing;
– social media marketing;
– analytics;
– etc.


– Site security modules: protects the website against attacks, blocks unauthorized authentication, provides reports related to attacks and unauthorized authentication attempts;
– SEO module: optimizes the website so that it can be easily and correctly indexed by search engines. Allows the optimization of each page and each article on the site;
– Forms module: allows the creation of online forms to collect certain information from website visitors;
– Spam protection module: a website that allows comments from visitors, will have spam comments in a very short time from launch. There are modules that eliminate spam.
– Back-up module: saves the whole website and in case of problems such as virus infection, the website can be rebuilt from scratch.
– Google analytics module: Google Analytics Dashboard that shows you actionable analytics reports right inside your website dashboard.
– Image optimizer module: Increase the website’s SEO ranking, number of visitors by optimising any image or PDF document on the website.
– Social comments module: Lets people comment on content on the website using their Facebook account. People can choose to share their comment activity with their friends on Facebook as well.