Specialized website for publishing news or articles for online magazines. The website is completely autonomous and works without the intervention of the human operator. The news is automatically downloaded and published from other websites on the Internet at predetermined intervals.

The news collection module allows the retrieval of information in various variants including video or audio information.

Information can be retrieved in the desired parameters from other news sites, blogs, social networks or specialized websites (Amazon, Ebay, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, Flickr, Youtube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, SoundCloud, Itunes etc.


– Website security modules: protects the website against attacks, blocks unauthorized authentication, provides reports related to attacks and unauthorized authentication attempts;
– SEO module: optimizes the website so that it can be easily and correctly indexed by search engines. Allows the optimization of each page and each article on the website;
– Spam protection module: a website that allows comments from visitors, will have spam comments in a very short time from launch. There are modules that eliminate spam.
– Back-up module: saves the whole website and in case of problems such as virus infection, the website can be rebuilt from scratch.
– Automatic news collection module: The module allows automatic collection and posting:
● from any web page;
● from RSS feeds;
● eBay products;
● Walmart products;
● ClickBank products;
● information from Craigslist;
● jobs on CareerJet;
● Facebook posts;
● Twitter posts;
● pictures from Instagram;
● posts on Pinterest;
● Reddit posts;
● pictures from Flickr;
● YouTube videos;
● videos from Vimeo;
● videos from DailyMotion.