Real estate site, useful for real estate agents and agencies. Although this option is not enabled, the site allows users to add ads.

One of the most interesting applications used by this website is the cost of building a house online calculation. This soon became the most used calculation application for the cost of building a house in Romania, generating 85% of site traffic.

– advanced real estate search by country, county, locality, categories, areas, price, etc.
– manage requests from potential customers;
– positioning the buildings on the map;
– promotional banner;
– testimonial;
– blog / news;
– virtual tour;
– building sketches;
– manage agents, agencies, developers;
– real estate energy class mode;
– real estate visualization statistics;
– application for calculating the cost of building a house;
– etc.


– Site security modules: protects the website against attacks, blocks unauthorized authentication, provides reports related to attacks and unauthorized authentication attempts;
– SEO module: optimizes the website so that it can be easily and correctly indexed by search engines. Allows the optimization of each page and each article on the site;
– Newsletter module: allows the realization of email marketing campaigns;
– Automate social networks module: in order to get as many visitors as possible and for the best possible indexing by search engines, it is essential that site pages and articles appear regularly on social pages such as: Facebook , Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Reddit, Google Business etc. Posting regularly on these websites is a time consuming process. You can add a module to the site that once set up, can make these posts automatically.
– Forms module: allows the creation of forms to collect certain information from site visitors;
– Live chat robot module: allows you to display a chat window with site visitors, ask predefined questions and direct them to the information they are looking for or to a human operator.
– Spam protection module: a website that allows comments from visitors, will have spam comments in a very short time from launch. There are modules that eliminate spam.
– Back-up module: saves the whole website and in case of problems such as virus infection, the site can be rebuilt from scratch.