Reach out to more customers on partner websites

This is a recommendation from Google Ads:


Reach out to more customers on partner websites. Expand your coverage with the help of partners in the Google Search Network.


You can increase the coverage and traffic volume of your ads by displaying them on partner websites in the Google Search Network. Click-through rates on partner sites in the search network do not affect Quality Scores. You may notice an increase in the number of clicks by adding partners to the Google Search Network.

This is recommended because ads in the Search Network can generate additional traffic on partner sites in the Google Search Network.


What does this recommendation mean?

Imagine that you have started a new lemonade business and you want to tell as many friends as possible about it. Now, you go to the park and start telling all your friends about your lemonade. This is your website – the place where you display your ads.

But then, you think it might be more effective if you could advertise in other places where people gather. So, you go to the swimming pool, the football field, and tell people there about your lemonade. These places are the “partner websites” – other places where Google can display your ads to reach more people.

When you display ads on partner websites, you can reach more people and get more traffic (or “clicks”). And even though click-through rates (the number of people who come to buy your lemonade after hearing about it) may vary on partner sites, it will not affect “Quality Scores”. Quality Score is like a grade that Google gives you for how relevant and useful your lemonade is to people.

So, if you add partners to the Google Search Network, it’s like telling your ads in more places, and thus you can attract more customers. But you need to keep in mind that, just like advertising in multiple locations, you may need more money to pay for all those ads.

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