10 reasons to have a website

reasons to have a website

There are 10 compelling reasons to have a website.

You need a website and a strong online presence if you are a freelancer or have a business. We’re not just talking about a Facebook page, an Instagram account, or other social media accounts; we’re talking about a well-designed website and a well-considered marketing strategy.

1. Website is the most powerful communication tool!

Because at the moment the website is the most powerful communication tool!

In these times, it seems inconceivable to have a business and not have a business website. What would it be like to go to a business meeting without a business card? Your site will be your business card and for this reason, it is very important how it looks and works.

If you want a site, I recommend you take the first step. Contact us, and we will do it for you.

2. The website is your virtual property!

Having your own website is like owning real estate, but much cheaper!

From the moment you have your own domain name www.mysite.com, you will also have your own online virtual address that no one can take from you.

Having your own website is like owning real estate, but much cheaper! Whatever you decide to build on this property is up to you, and you could even sell this piece of virtual land or keep it and earn money! Having a website is a gold mine. But not everyone knows where to dig.

3. Everything is and will be online!

Online, you can find everything you want!

Yes, almost anything. You want a movie? You can find it on the net. You want to order food? You can do it online. Do you want a husband or maybe a one night stand? You can solve it online. If you sell a product or service and you do not have your own website, you will be removed from the market by your competitors in the shortest time.

4. Access to the global market!

Think of opportunities. You have the chance to expand globally!

If you want to grow your business, you will need to reach more and more people. Even if you only have a local business, you will be surprised at how many people are willing to travel around the world to get what you offer. You will be surprised how many people from different parts of the world are willing to order your products.

5. Your website works non-stop for you!

It’s nice to know that your WEBsite works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

If the site is set up correctly, it will do its job successfully on its own even outside of your employees’ working hours.

He will take orders, collect money, provide information to customers, talk to customers, post company products and services on social networking sites, do analysis, etc.

6. People need information!

People expect to see YOUR site to get more information about YOU OR BRAND!

Potential buyers are already looking for you online. I want to know you, the company, the products, the services, etc. It is very important for them to find the direct source of the information they are looking for and not just the opinions posted on other websites.

7. Website is essential for creative people!

Are you a creative person, an artist or a successful blogger? Then you need your own website.

I’m not referring to a Facebook account or an online blog on free websites. All these free tools will limit you sooner or later. If you take things seriously and want to make money from this passion, you will have to move to the professional league, making your own website. It comes with all the necessary tools for promotion, analysis, advertising, etc. And from this moment “the sky’s the limit.

8. A website is very cheap!

The website offers you one of the best cost/benefit ratios.

A website is cheap. With practically $300 you can have your personalized website perfectly functional in less than 48 hours. About the same could cost you a set of business cards for colleagues in the company or if you are a cigarette smoker for a month. A website opens your horizon to a sea of opportunities. You decide if you will take advantage of them.

9. Keep up to date with the trends of the new generations!

In recent years, the dynamics of life are dizzying. If you stand aside, you will be excluded from the game.

Do you have a business, an organization, are you an artist, activist or blogger? You know very well that you are not alone in the market and the competition is fiercer than ever. If you want to stay in the market and grow, you can’t stand aside. You have to get in the game. Make a website and get to work. Your competitors have already done so.

10. We can help you!

For those who do not have a website:

Write to us about your ideas. Ask us questions. We will help you understand what a site is good for and how it can help you grow your business.

If you want a simple website, you can choose it from the examples on this site: access the Examples menu.

For those who already have a WEBsite but do not know how to take advantage of its usefulness:

We will tell you how to promote your site, products and services on social networks and in Google searches and thus increase the number of customers. We will help you automate with the help of the site, time-consuming and resource-intensive processes and regularly collect important information about the competition.

How much does a website cost?

Webage How much a website cost

Want to know much does it cost to build a website? Use this price calculator. You can set various configurations for calculating the price, depending on the type of website you want, the site creator (student, freelancer, company, etc.), the complexity of the website, hosting costs, etc.


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