SEO optimization is an annoying and complicated concept 😂.

SEO optimization can be a frustrating and complex concept

Have you heard of something called SEO optimization?


Oh, of course you have, if you have a website, you are probably bombarded with such optimization terms and concepts.

But let’s face it, who needs SEO optimization? Why should you waste your time and energy optimizing your website for search engines? Wouldn’t it be better to simply leave it to chance and wait for someone to eventually find your website on Google?

Let’s let technology do the hard work and enjoy life without the worry and stress of SEO optimization. Please ignore all the SEO advice and guides and start publishing content indiscriminately and without a clear structure, because that’s the path to success, isn’t it?

Why struggle to find keywords relevant to your business or create quality content when you can simply add a bunch of keywords to your site and publish content full of empty words? Forget about user experience or easy navigation on your site, let your users struggle with the design and stumble over every corner of your site.

And why bother with link building and interacting with the online community? Wouldn’t it be better to spend your day doing something else entirely rather than looking for link building opportunities or making efforts to increase your site’s visibility on social media? Let others handle it, they probably have a lot more free time than you do.

Indeed, SEO optimization is a tedious and complicated concept, so why not avoid learning and implementing SEO basics altogether? Let’s let technology decide the fate of our website and not worry about our online visibility. Let’s just live our lives and publish anything randomly, not caring what someone might search for on our site.


PS: The article about SEO optimization was written in jest and was meant to parody the sarcastic and indifferent attitude towards SEO of some website owners. However, we want to encourage you to learn about the basics of SEO optimization and make sure your website is visible online. We all know that there are many factors that influence the success of your online business, but SEO optimization can be one of those factors. So, don’t get carried away with my joke and try to learn more about SEO to achieve a successful online business.

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