The biggest mistake website owners make

Cea mai mare greșeală, The biggest mistake, Der größte Fehler, La plus grosse erreur, L'errore più grande, El mayor error

The biggest mistake website owners make.

Okay, you’ve created a website. What are your plans for the future? The vast majority of website owners do nothing.

I understand the situation of people who have created a website as a hobby or out of curiosity and do not want, do not know, or do not have the time to advertise it. However, I am perplexed by businesses who create a website but do not spend any money promoting it.

You created the website with a certain goal in mind. To expand your business, attract new consumers, boost the company’s or brand’s renown, and inform potential customers that you offer the services or products they seek. This does not occur on its own. Take the following step if you’ve still spent money, time, and effort on the new site. PROMOTE IT!

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on marketing. Set aside a bare minimum of funds and focus on the fundamentals of promotion. At the very least, do SEO optimization on the site, which is critical and will help you appear on the first pages of Google searches. One is to be on the first page of Google searches, while the other is to be on page 20, where no one typically gets.

Keep in mind that a website is a marketing tool that you should employ.

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