The secrets behind free website?

The secrets behind free websites?
Do you want to have your own website?
Free websites (eg. blogs) are a great start. They can be easily created in a short time and will give you the minimum experience necessary for this beginning of the road.
If you take your blogging business seriously, the disadvantages of free websites are far more than the advantages. Soon you will begin to feel the limitations, because in the end you get exactly what you pay for.
And do not forget! If you don’t pay for a product, then you are the product!
– Who is the seller?
– The owner of the platform on which your blog is located, for example Google if you use,
– Who are the customers?
– Companies that buy advertising from Google.
– What is the product sold?
– YOU and VISITORS of your site, for which you work and write quality articles.
– What do you gain from all your blogging activity?
– Probably nothing but experience or too little compared to how much you could earn if you had your own site and did not make a profit for others.
The same goes for Facebook pages and groups. These are great tools for promoting your business. But even in this case, you together with those who follow your page are the product that Facebook sells to companies that advertise.
If you have a business that is based only on a Facebook page, then you have totally misjudged your online business.
Read the “10 disadvantages of a Facebook page”.
If you want an online business, stop thinking and make your own website. It is no longer just a commodity traded by the big platforms on the Internet (Google, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.). Be more than that and take advantage of the free services they offer. Be part of the business too. Start making money online!
We will give you advice and help you make your own website.
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