40 ideas to use chatbots

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Don’t know how to use use chatbots? Here are 40 different ways for using chat bots.

1. Job posting sites
If you have a high workload and a small number of recruiters, robots can conduct preliminary interviews with candidates.
– automatic collection of CVs;
– numerous applicant tests;
– gathering information on remuneration, professional expectations, etc.;
– gathering feedback after consulting procedures, teambuilding, training, coaching, and so on.
2. Online stores
– give visitors more information about the goods they’re looking for;
– provide discounts or other incentives for purchases made on your website
3. Reservation websites: 
– provide information about reservations;
– offer discounts or other incentives for bookings made at specific periods of the week or year;
– provide information about local tourist attractions;
– promote local items or souvenirs.
4. Restaurant-related websites
– take reservations online;
– suggest a daily menu;
– suggest products unique to your restaurant;
– provide information about delivery to the customer’s home.
5. Financial services and insurance websites
– inform potential clients about the services and goods available;
– make recommendations for certain services or products;
– set up a meeting with the potential client.
6. Health websites 
– provide a brief diagnosis of potential patients;
– allow for online consultation scheduling;
– recommend specific doctors or medical clinics based on your condition;
– recommend watching specific films with patient tips.
7. Car websites
– discover the client’s wishes in terms of the car he wants or the automotive services he requires;
– discover the budget the customer is willing to allocate to the purchase of a car;
– schedule a meeting with the potential client;
– request contact information in order to send targeted promotions.
8. Real estate websites
– determine whether the site visitor is interested in selling, buying, or general information about the real estate field;
– determine the type of property the site visitor is interested in;
– determine the type of property the site visitor is interested in;
– determine the type of property the site visitor is interested in;
– determine the type of property the site visitor is interested in;
– determine the type of property the site visitor is interested (apartment, house, land, commercial spaces, etc.);

– determine the amount of money the possible buyer is willing to spend on a property;

– obtain the potential buyer’s contact information.
9 – 40 … Websites for general services

Do you have a website that focuses on services such as:

– consulting, management, and training services;
– cleaning, sanitation, and rodent control services;
– car transfer and towing services;
– building structures;
– services in landscaping;
– graphic design and interior design;
– copywriting and marketing;
– alterations;
– kindergartens and after-school programs;
– unique furniture;
– automobile and motorbike service, automobile cosmetics, automobile tuning, and ITP;
– pipework;
– electrical equipment;
– home and electronic repairs;
– putting in double-glazed windows and doors;
– coordinating events
– photography and videography services;
– flowers and floral arrangements delivered to your home;
– dancing classes;
– fitness, sports activities, gym and sports field rentals;
– SPA salons, tanning salons;
– makeup & cosmetics, hairdresser & hairdresser;
– architectural and cadastral services;
– veterinary services;
– pet services, animal hotels, animal training, and animal adoptions;
– services in psychotherapy;
– services in tourism;
– legalized translations;
– notarial and legal services;
– auditing and consulting services;
– services such as security and protection, and so on.
– cadastre and topographical services.

Use chatbots if you haven’t already. Some of the people who visit your website may become your clients. Don’t let this chance pass you by.

Get in touch with us! We’ll go through how chat bots function and how to use them effectively on your website.


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