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Webage provides professional services such as website creation and customization, turnkey online stores, online forms, online questionnaires, and tests, website maintenance, website administration, website loading speed optimization, and SEO optimization.

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How much does a WEBSITE COST?

Want to know much does it cost to build a website? Use this price calculator. You can set various configurations for calculating the price, depending on the type of website you want, the site creator (student, freelancer, company, etc.), the complexity of the website, hosting costs, etc.


We are willing to take on the risks that come with collaboration. We offer a FREE DEMO version of the website so that you can get a better idea of how your new website will look.
We will not keep any fees hidden from you. You will receive a detailed price list for each module or service we offer.
If you are not satisfied with the final version of the website within 30 days of its completion, we will refund your money.
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Our services & PRICE LIST

Website design
starts at 539$

Choose a website model from our portfolio or submit your idea, and we’ll deliver you a FREE DEMO version of the website.


We will design a website for your business!

Do you own a business, produce a product, or provide a service? Do you enjoy blogging, photography, interior design, or motorbikes as a pastime? Then you’ll need a website to help people find it on the web. Choose a website model from the “Examples of websites” menu, and you’ll have a fully working demo version of the website in five days.

Online shops
starts at 1.899$

We design web stores that are unique to each customer. If you’re interested, we’ll deliver you a FREE DEMO version.


We will design your online store!

Do you own a product-selling company? It’s no longer enough to have a physical shop. You’ll still need an online store, even though most consumers do prefer to shop in person. This equilibrium could shift in the near future. Customers must be able to locate the goods or services on the web.

Website Redesign
starts at 449$

Are you unhappy with your existing website? We will redesign your website in order to meet new design and security standards.


We’ll use cutting-edge technologies to redesign your website!

Does your website appear to be outdated and unprofessional? Do  you have a limited number of visitors and sales? You should consider redesigning it. We recommend replacing the template with one that is more modern and compatible with smartphones and tablets, as well as simplifying the user interface to make it easier to use, improving website security, and making it easier to connect with social media.

Online forms
starts at 119$

We incorporate numerous sorts of online forms, surveys, computation tools, and online assessments forms into your website.


Use online forms on your website!

Do you want to create a survey on your website? To collect various contact information? Do you need forms for registration, booking, evaluation, scheduling, hiring or for ordering products and services? You can get all this using the online forms on your website.

Social media Automatic posting
starts at 179$

Save your time! Automatic posting on social media accounts: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Google My Business, etc.


Don’t waste time posting to Facebook and Instagram manually!

It is essential to post products, services, and articles on social networking sites! However, this is a tedious process that takes a lot of time and resources. By automating this procedure, we can assist you. You will be able to schedule posts across all social media platforms once and for all, rather than wasting time on this process every day.

Website maintenance
starts at 69$

Administration, maintenance services, website hosting and IT consulting services. Get rid of worries by outsourcing the administration of your website.


We ensure that your website performs at its best!

We live in a digital world that is becoming increasingly sophisticated. There is no such thing as a completely safe website on the internet. Hackers have taken down sites of national importance in the past, and your website is no exception. Unfortunately, without regular maintenance services, the websites do not operate at optimal levels. Your website needs to be updated!

Auto blogging
starts at 239$

Information from other websites may be collected automatically by your website.


Your website will gather and publish information from the internet automatically!

Do you spend a lot of time looking for specific information on the internet? Do you want to collect articles from a specific field that interests you and publish them on your website’s blog automatically? We can automate the process of gathering data and automatically publishing it.

Online advertising
starts at 119$

We promote your brand, company, products and services on Google, Facebook, Instagram a.s.o.


We promote your website, company, products and services on the internet!

It is ideal if you already have a website. It indicates that you’ve already taken the first step. The second step is to inform the rest of the world about you, your company, your brand, and your products or services. It is all about promotion, which is critical in the online world. Without promotion, your website will receive few visitors and, as a result, very few customers.

Website speed optimization
starts at 239$

The user experience is highly dependent on the website’s loading speed. We significantly reduce the time it takes for your website to load.


Your site will load faster!

The faster your website loads, the more enjoyable the user experience will be, and Google’s algorithms will give your site a better “ranking”.

WEBSITE SEO optimization
starts at 599$

The essence of your website’s online visibility is SEO optimization. We will help you in achieving the highest possible ranking in Google searches.


Being on the top page of Google searches is a must!

The term “SEO optimization” actually refers to “promotion.” When someone searches for a specific type of information, your website will appear on the first page of Google results. It’s essentially a marketing campaign aimed at positioning yourself ahead of competitors.

ChatBot integration
starts at 179$

The procedure of online chat with website visitors is automated by us. Chatbots are just something we put in place.


Chat bots will chat with your website visitors!

It is important to promote your site and attract as many visitors as possible. But just as important is that once you get to the website you get in direct contact with them. This is usually done through a human operator. There is an efficient and much cheaper option. We automate the process of talking to customers by using intelligent robots for conversations. Ask us how this can be achieved and we will give you the necessary information.

Content writing
starts at 59$

We offer content writing services. We write various types of texts and articles for your website.


Texts and articles that attract customers are essential for your website.

Your website’s texts and articles are crucial. Visitors to your website will always seek for high-quality material. We’ll create engaging articles for you and select the best texts for your website.

REVIEWS from our clients on GOOGLE

  • Încântați de colaborare. Mulțumim pentru răbdare și profesionalism. Detaliile și timpul alocat pentru explicarea soluțiilor tehnice propuse, au făcut diferența.

    thumb Arta Decorativa

    I have to say that, apart the excellent service, the knowledge they gave me about the internet world and websites was perhaps the best benefit of working with Webage. In... Vezi mai mult

    thumb m&m Competitions

    Recomand ! Sunt profesionisti,raspund nevoilor clientilor ,vin cu recomandari pentru afacerea ta.

    thumb Laura Micsa
  • I was listened to, I was offered solutions / variants, they are professionals. I recommend with confidence!

    thumb Marius Chetea

    I recommend for professionalism and promptness. A very good collaboration, an easy communication and they are receptive to the client's wishes!

    thumb Petrisor Catalina

    Flexible, creative, passionate and involved in what I do, they gave life to my ideas and created an attractive and professional site.

    thumb Liliana BOGDAN
  • Webage offers you a complete package and a lot of useful information that will help you understand the field online. I found out things I didn't even suspect. I understood... Vezi mai mult

    thumb Infinite Life

    Webage is one of the best developers we have dealt with in years, and we plan on using them on several more projects moving forward! They went above and beyond... Vezi mai mult

    thumb Audio Video

    Webage îți oferă un pachet complet și foarte multe informații utile ce te vor ajuta să înțelegi domeniul online. Am aflat lucruri pe care nici măcar nu le bănuiam. Am înțeles... Vezi mai mult

    thumb Infinite Life
  • Am fost ascultat, mi s-au propus solutii/variante, sunt profesionisti. Recomand cu incredere!

    thumb Marius Chetea

    Short time to make an attractive website, impeccable quality. Creativity and professionalism at home! I highly recommend Webage Web Design.

    thumb Patricia Costea

    Flexibili, creativi , pasionati si implicati in ceea ce fac au dat viata ideilor mele si au creat un site atractiv si profesionist.

    thumb Liliana BOGDAN
  • Site-uri perfecte! Design-uri moderne, inspirate, te ajută să creezi și conținutul dacă nu ai habar ce vrei pe site, personalizat pentru afacerea ta. Goob job!

    thumb Mihai Craciun

    Site-ul meu a prins viață cu ajutorul lor. Receptivi, comunicativi, profesioniști. Au înțeles imediat ceea ce voiam și mi-au oferit asta. Și un pic mai mult. Le mulțumesc și îi recomand!... Vezi mai mult

    thumb Anca Adriana Rucăreanu

    Exceptional collaboration, excellent solutions and excellent result! Thanks for the communication and collaboration! I recommend!

    thumb Otilia Stoica

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