The importance of a website for psychologists and psychotherapists

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Website for psychologists and psychotherapists.

The significance of a website for a psychologist or psychotherapist is critical to his or her career. Learn what you should do if you don’t have a website, if you only have a Facebook page, if you have an unprofessional-looking site, and what significant improvements you can make to your site.

1. If you don’t have a website,
And if you’ve been hesitant to enter the field online, now is the time. The decision to become active online is critical, and you must view it as an investment in order to remain visible to your customers.

Read about the top ten reasons to create a website.

Discover the estimated cost of a website. How much does a website cost?

2. If you only have one Facebook page,
read this article to learn about the disadvantages of having just one: 10 disadvantages of having a Facebook page.

3. If you already have a website,
Do not overlook the site’s appearance, organization, and the usefulness of the published information. The website will give potential customers a first impression of you and the services you provide. It is never too late to rebuild your site professionally.

Read 10 reasons why you should rebuild your website.

4. If you already have a well-designed website,
Remember that you can always improve it and add modules that will benefit visitors, provide you with additional information about them, increase your site traffic, and, implicitly, increase your number of potential customers. For your website, we recommend the following modules:

online forms with which you will be able to do online, personality tests, questionnaires, opinion polls;;
automatically posts on social networks, it facilitates your work by posting articles for you on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Business, Pinterest, and Twitter, among other platforms;
– events module, if you believe that events are an important way for you to promote yourself;
– video module, online conferences.

We install tests and questionnaires on your site to assist you in your daily activities. Check out these examples of tests and questionnaires:
Personality evaluation Eysenck test;
– Test of assertive communication;
– Questionnaire on Professional Competencies, Holland test;
– Belbin personality test to determine the role in the team. – Creating presentation web sites, online stores, remaking old or ineffective sites, creating online forms, chat bots, site optimization, automatic posting on social networks, automatic retrieval of information from other sites, site administration, and site maintenance.

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