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of websites do not benefit from website maintenance. Even simple websites require frequent maintenance to function properly.

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Information about website MAINTENANCE

What is the purpose of maintenance?
To reduce the website’s vulnerabilities to cyber attacks, to ensure that the website operates at optimal levels, and for other reasons relating to the website’s performance.
What does maintenance entail in the case of a website, built on a WordPress platform?
1. Update the PHP software, which runs on the hosting server;
2. WordPress platform update;
3. Website theme update;
4. Update of all software modules (plugins) installed on the website;
5. Resolving conflicts that occur as a result of various updates and that may lead to a malfunction of the website or even its blocking;
7. Regular database backup;
8. Total backup of the website;
9. Database optimization.
There are three ways to update plugins:
1. Updates are done manually (best option). They’re created by the website administrator, who double-checks the website’s functionality after each change.
This option comes with a monthly fee (maintenance cost).
2. Updates are made automatically (used less often). These are done without the need for human participation, but due to module compatibility concerns following updates, the website may become partially or completely unusable.
In this edition, there are no ongoing charges.
3. There are no updates. It is the most popular choice because it does not require any costs. The website is “given over to the customer” after it is completed, and it remains that way for years. There isn’t much in the way of maintenance.
What factors determine the cost of website maintenance?
1. The number of plugins installed on the site;
2. The complexity of the plugins;
3. The size of the site are all factors to consider. Back-up solutions become more expensive as the size of the site grows.
How frequently the maintenance service is performed?
The maintenance service is performed once every 3-4 days for simple websites. The more difficult ones are completed on a daily basis.
Is website maintenance absolutely mandatory?
It is not absolutely mandatory. With the risks listed below, the website can also run without the maintenance service.
What can happen if the website isn’t constantly updated?
Maintenance can be considered to be a form of car insurance. If you’re lucky, nothing happens for a long period; if you’re unlucky, the website may experience issues as early as the first week.
The issues occur as a result of the website’s vulnerabilities, which include the possibility of it being taken over by hackers who will exploit its resources.
A website that isn’t maintained will perform worse and load slower, become a source of infection for users, and be penalized in Google results.

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