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Webage provides you with professional services to improve the loading time of a website.

Prices for optimising the page load speed of a website start from 249$.


of websites have problems with web page load times. For a high loading speed, the website needs to be optimized.

Information about website loading speed

What is the loading speed of a website?
It is the speed at which each page of your website loads in the user’s web browser. The higher the loading speed, the shorter the page load time.
What are the advantages of a high website loading speed?
– Satisfied users. The website will load quickly on mobile devices (smart phones) or users with slow internet connections. A page that loads quickly succeeds in capturing user interest and equates to repeat visits.
– Better ranking in Google searches. Google’s algorithm uses website loading speed as one of the indicators for page display. A high website speed guarantees a better ranking in search results.
The recommended loading time of a website is less than 3s?
Yes, this is a general recommendation that you can find in many articles on the Internet.
At the same time you will find many graphs that show you how many customers you will lose due to high page load times. And this is where the call for all specialist websites to improve the loading speed of your site comes from.
However, loading a site under 3s, is rather an ideal variant and cannot be achieved in absolutely every situation. Complex sites will load slower compared to simple ones.
The site loads (according to in under 2s (last test we got 1.4s).
Test the speed of your website
Several free tools are available to test the load time of your website pages.
I recommend the simplest and probably most widely used GTmetrix.
See the load times you get. If the time is too high, you can consider optimizing your site.
Apart from the actual optimization, it might also be worthwhile to change the server or a better hosting subscription.

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