Why is website maintenance so important?

Most website owners believe that the creation of the site is the only and most important stage, after which nothing follows. Unfortunately, a well-made site does not guarantee the success you expect. The same goes for existing sites.

Website owners neglect two very important issues:
1. Website promotion;
2. Site maintenance.

About the importance of promoting the site, you can read this article: “Why Just Having a Website Isn’t Enough Anymore”.

It doesn’t matter if you have a simple site or a complex website. In both cases, your site needs maintenance.
Why is maintenance important?
1. Eliminates the risk of the site becoming partially or totally non-functional;
2. Maintains the loading speed of the site in optimal parameters;
3. Improves site security;
4. Improves site performance;
5. Improves SEO;

In short, maintenance for a site built on a WordPress platform:
1. Update the PHP software, which runs on the hosting server;
2. WordPress platform update;
3. Update the theme of the site;
4. Update of all software modules (plugins) installed on the site;
5. Resolving conflicts that occur as a result of various updates and that may lead to an incorrect operation of the site or even its blocking;
7. Regular database backup;
8. Total backup of the site;
9. Database optimization;

Managing web pages is a pretty complicated job. It takes time and perseverance. Online success is not guaranteed by a well-made site, but by a well-maintained site. WordPress maintenance is not a fad, it is a necessity without which you cannot align with the requirements of search engines. In conclusion, never stop taking care of your website.

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